Why Join the MLAGB?

There are many reasons for joining, in our opinion, one of Britain's best clubs...these include:

    • Receipt of the quarterly magazine 'Black Powder'
    • £10 million Insurance cover for all activities of shooting authorised by the MLAGB - including target shooting and game shooting
    • Preferential rates for target hire at the MLAGBs own ranges at Wedgnock, Warwick
    • Preferential accommodation rates at the MLAGBs shared club house at Bisley
    • To be eligible to enter MLAGB National Championship Competitions
    • To be eligible for selection for MLAGB and Great Britain international teams
    • Support of the MLAGB in matters relating to muzzle loading firearms
    • To stand for the Council of Management and vote at General Meetings and Elections
    • Postal Competitions
    • Meeting new friends with a mutual interest - which ever discipline you are interested in
    • Help and advice...MLAGB members are some of the friendliest people you could meet and are more than happy to help and advise!


A question frequently asked by shooters is what value do I get from belonging to any of the major organisations when I only shoot locally and do not participate in National Competitions.

The value of membership of any of the National Bodies surmounts any actual financial gain or loss. The major organisations are involved at all times monitoring future legislation, lobbying parliament, campaigning endlessly on your behalf so that you may retain your sport. Perusal of the regularly published BSSC news in Black Powder Magazine will give further insight into the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

How much is your sport worth? The cost of maintaining vigilance on our political masters intentions is high, many thousands of pounds a year, only by collectively contributing by membership can you ensure that the most effective fight on your behalf will be made to retain your sport.

Can your local Club do this? Please give this matter some thought and join at least one of the National Shooting Organisations, preferably the MLAGB!



Family (Social Membership) £17
Junior Membership £27
Family / Shooting Membership £37
Senior Member (65+) £39
Probationary £50
Full £50
Affiliated Club £55


How Do I Join?

Print of the required form below and send it off!

2016 Individual Membership Application Form

2016 Affiliated Club Membership Form