Branches of the MLAGB

Contact details for Branch Secretaries where web site links are not available can be obtained from the MLAGB Membership Office (Details on the Contacts Page)

East London & Essex
Jersey ML & Antique Firearms Assoc.
Kent & Sussex
Anglian Muzzle Loaders
Long Range Rifles
Longparish Ouse Valley
Mercia Historic Arms Society
North Kent
North of Scotland
Robin Hood Rifles
St Albans
Trafalgar Muzzle Loaders
Suffolk & Norfolk
Thames Estuary
Thames Valley
Three Counties Sporting Club
Wedgnock Muzzle Loaders
Wey Valley
Wirral & West Cheshire
Yorkshire Powder Burners
1808 Society

Clubs & Societies Affiliated to the MLAGB

3rd V.B. Warwicks Rifle & Pistol Club
Aberdeen Full Bore GC
Alde Black Powder Club
Arbroath Area Full Bore Gun Club
Ardeer Rifle and Pistol Club
Army Target Shooting Club
Ashford & District Rifle Club
Assoc. of Arms Collectors & Target Shooters - Malta
Assoc. of Maltese Arms Collectors & Shooters
Ayrshire TRPA
Balornock Rifle Club
Bangor & District Practical Rifle & Pistol Club
Basildon Rifle & Pistol Club
Bath Muzzle & H B L A
Bedford Cty Rifle & Pistol Assoc.
Bishop Auckland and District Gun Club
Bishop's Stortford (1944) Rifle Club
Black Powder Rifle Club
Blackburn Rifle & Pistol Club
Bolton Rifle & Pistol Club
Boston Pistol Club
Brighton Rifle & Pistol Club
British Pistol Club
Budleigh Farm Target Shooting Club
Bury St. Edmunds Pistol & Rifle Club
Cardiff Shooting Club
Carlisle Small Arms Club
Carshalton Rifle Club
Cheriton Pistol Club
Cheshunt Rifle & Pistol Club
Chesterfield & District Rifle & Pistol Club
Chinnor Rifle & Pistol Club
Chobham & District Rifle Club
City of Stoke-on-Trent Rifle & Pistol Club
Claymore Rifle Pistol & Gun Club
Clyde Valley Pistol Club
Colchester Rifle Club
Cornwall Fullbore Pistol Club
Derby Rifle & Pistol Club (1999)
Devon Rangers Shooting Club
Dorchester Rifle & Pistol Club
Dundonald Rifle & Pistol Club
East Bridgford Rifle Club
East London Small Arms Society
Epperstone Rifle Club
Faversham Rifle & Pistol Club
Fife Centrefire Rifle Club
Four by Two R&PC (Cheltenham)
Frome & District Pistol Club
Fulwood Shooting Club (Liverpool)
Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society
Gally Hill Shooting Club Limited
Glasgow & District Rifle & Pistol Club
Granby Rifle & Small Arms Club
Grange Rifle & Pistol Club
Greensleeves Shooting Club
Grove Smallarms Club
Guisborough Gun Club
Gwent Police Fullbore Shooting Club
Ham & Petersham Rifle & Pistol Club
Havant Rifle & Pistol Club
Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club
Headley Park Rifle & Pistol Club
Hensall Rifle Club
Heston & Hounslow Rifle Club
Isle Target Sports Club
Itchen Valley Shooting Club
Jersey Pistol Club
Killingholme Full Bore Club
Kineton Station Shooting Club
Kings Lynn St. Michael's Rifle & Pistol Club
Ledbury Rifle & Pistol Club
Leek Shooting Centre
Les Arquebusiers de France
Little Chalfont Rifle & Pistol Club
London All Guns Shooting Club
Louisa Centre Gun Club
Mansfield & District Rifle & Pistol Club
Marlow Rifle & Pistol Club
Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club
Mattersey Rifle & Pistol Club
Mirfield Rifle Club
Monmouth & District Rifle Club
Morecambe Rifle & Pistol Club
Mortimer Royal British Legion Rifle Club
Nags Rifle & M/L Pistol Club
Napoleonic Association Ltd
Newbury Rifle & Pistol Club NWLA
Norfolk County Rifle Association
North East Lincolnshire Target Club
North Wales M L A (VR)
North Walsham Rifle & Pistol Club
Northampton Target Sports Club
Norwich & District Parabellum & Full Bore Club
Nottinghamshire Rifle Association
Notts & Derby Vintage Arms Society
Novio Magnum Pistol Club
Peak Rifle & Pistol Club
Penrhiwpal Shooting Club: West Wales
Pickwick Club
Pipers Shooting Club
Porchester Shooting Club
Prestige Shooting Sports
Richmondshire District Rifle & Pistol Club
Roding Rifle & Pistol Club
Rolls Royce (Hucknall) Rifle & Pistol Club
Rossendale Fusiliers Rifle & Pistol Club
Rustington & District Home Guard Rifle Club inc. Hangleton
Scottish Pistol Association
Shandon Pistol & Rifle Club
Shrewsbury Rifle & Pistol Club
South Shields Pistol Club
Spring Grove Shooting Club
Springfield (Ancaster) Rifle & Pistol Club
Springfield Target Club
Stafford Post Office Rifle & Pistol Club
Stanmore Rifle & Pistol Club
Staveley Rifle & Pistol Club
Stourport On Severn Pistol & Rifle Club
Suffolk County R. Association (P.Section)
Sussex Pistol Club
Swadlincote Rifle & Pistol Club
Swansea Rifle Club
Tain Rifle & Pistol Club
Tameside Shooting Sports Association
Tayside Pistol & ML Club
Tayside SSC
Teignbridge & District Fullbore Club
Tewkesbury & District Rifle & Pistol Club
The Longparish Club for Gentlemen
The Roundhead Association
Three Counties Sporting Club
Tunbridge Wells Target Shooting Club
Uttoxeter Rifle Club
Viking (HG) Pistol Club
Vintage Arms Scotland
Wakefield Rifle & Pistol Club
Warrington & District Rifle & Pistol Club
Wedgnock Rifle and Pistol Club
Wendover Rifle Club
West Midlands Police Shooting Section
West Wales Muzzle Loaders & Rifle Association
Westland Rifle & Pistol Club
Wey Valley Rifle & Pistol Club
Weybridge Rifle & Pistol Club
Whalley Pistol Club
Whittlesey Rifle Club