August Update

Dear all! - We hope you and your family are all well. As we move back into somewhere akin to 'normal', we have a number of Shotgun and Pistol competition announcements. As yet there are no announcements on Musket or rifle competitions.


We sorry to report that the Autumn National Clay Pigeon Championships at Stoke Orchard  schedules for Saturday 19th September 2020 has had to be cancelled due to Covid virus issues.

On a brighter note, the Hornsey Wood Pigeon Match (Helice) was held on Saturday 18th July with 16 guns competing. All went very well with excellent observance of social distancing and hygiene requirements.

DTL Shotgun Calendar in the coming months. 

We are back training at Sywell (under Covid-19 restrictions), but everything is running smoothly so far.

August 8th – The Richard Morris Trophy and qualifying for 2021 will go ahead as planned

New date:  12th September – DTL Flintlock National and qualifying for 2021 (postponed from July)

3rd October – remains unchanged

17th October – DTL Percussion National and qualifying for 2021 (postponed from July)

All Other dates Oct – Dec remain unchanged.


English Pistol Championships 19/20 September 2020 - Wedgnock Ranges

This event will proceed as planned but will be run strictly according to the following criteria.

  1. The club house is limited to 4 members at anyone time for signing in and is not for socialising or chatting. Please observe the one way system.
  2. There are no refreshments so bring your own.
  3. Firing will be done on the bays allocated.
  4. Target stickers will be given to you on the firing point
  5. Shot targets to be placed on the table behind the shooter for collection.
  6. Extra care will be taken on proving firearms are safe from a distance.
  7. Avoid avoid close contact with each other and be aware when moving about.
  8. Make sure you have hand sanitiser in your kit.
  9. Masks are not mandatory but encouraged.
  10. If you would like to attend please email David Spittles prior to the day at

The entry forms and detail are on the Competition Entry Forms page here.

Please email David Spittles with the competition numbers which you wish to enter and bring your completed entry form and payment on the day - This way if the government introduce a local lock down in your area or the event is cancelled due to further restrictions we will not have to sort out refunds.


Surrey Branch "Repeting Pistol Open Meeting", 26/27 September 2020 Cheylesmore, Bisley

After MONTHS when we have not been able to shoot, I am pleased to be able to attach the ENTRY-FORM for our Open Meeting at the end of September.

As usual -- - All types of ML “Repeating pistols” --  if using BP substitutes or smokeless powder it MUST bear valid Proofmarks.

STANDARD (basically 19thC plus the fixed sight Ruger OA), matches for OFFHAND (one handed) and SUPPORTED (2 hand hold);

TARGET (any percussion cap ML revolver --  incl. target sights etc (“specials” and “standard”) – but ONLY fired OFFHAND;

FREE (any percussion revolver – SUPPORTED or OFFHAND)

MODERN M-L (smokeless conversions, #209 primer fired, “Patriot” magazine pistol … … …) SUPPORTED or OFFHAND.

5 Courses of Fire – SLOW-, TIMED-, RAPID, “BOBBER” (turning target) and “SURRENDEN” (against the Clock)

We do not know what version of “Covid-compliant regs” the NRA will be using by then, but expect that we may not be able to use all 20 targets -- - so please (a) BOOK EARLY – saving money if received by 12th Sept.,  and (b) BLOCK BOOK a firing-point.

Your Registration includes ONE Match Entry so you need at least another 3 for a nominal “half-day” reservation.

Please check your Insurance:- shooting under the aegis of the MLAGB does not allow loading directly from a flask (you must use a single-charge transfer device – or pre-weighed charges in phials).  If shooting as an NRA Member please check the new “Classic/Historic Handbook” which is due for publication in the near future.  Otherwise please check your CLUB insurance.

Can you help?  As there is a Kempton Park Arms Fair on the Sunday some of our (few) volunteers may not be available to help run the Meeting and some (lucky blighters!) may want to shoot on the Saturday.  Do let us know if you might be able to assist us.

The entry forms will be on the Competition Entry Forms page later today (3.8.20) here

Please respond if you would like to attend or can help to Jim Hallam (

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