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Long Range Rifles 2018

Below are two downloadable forms. There is a closing date for entries on each application form, please adhere to this as we have a closing date by which we can alter the number of targets requested, (either try to increase or decrease). Those entries received after this date will only be allocated a place if there are spaces available on the number of targets we currently have confirmed, WE WILL NOT BE APPLYING FOR AN INCREASE IN TARGETS AFTER THE CLOSING DATE, so ensure your entries are received before this date.

Please note that the MLAGB 200 yard shoot also includes an off hand competition.

Please ensure that you send copies of up to date MLAGB membership and a current shooters certificate with your first entry form if you did not supply these at the October shoot in 2017. Entry forms will not be accepted without this documentation. Also please check the expiry dates on your shooters certificates as some members sent copies last year which had already expired.

Please also note that YOU MUST be a member of the LRR to shoot in their competitions. I have also attached a membership renewal form for this and will accept payment either by cheque prior to the shoot or cash on the day

Please also note, as documented on the entry forms, that the NRA can change/cancel shoots at any point. If this happens we will contact you all to advise of the changes.

LRR Membership Renewal Form 2018

Bisley shoot entry forms 2018

Musket & Rifle 2018

OTF Rifle Events March 2018

Schuetzenfest 2018 Entry Form

Schuetzenfest 2018 Entry Form (1)

Black Powder 2018 - Rifle Musket Entry Form

Short Range Champs 2018 - Entry Form

November OTF Rifle Musket Entry Form 2018

October OTF Rifle Musket Entry Form 2018


Pistol 2018

OTF Pistol Events March 2018

Pistolfest 2018 Entry Form

Pistolfest 2018 Entry Form (2)

Black Powder 2018 - Pistol Entry Form

English Pistol Championship - Entry Form 2018

October OTF Pistol Entry Form 2018

November OTF Pistol Entry Form 2018


Other Pistol Documentation

Southern London Rifle Club in association with the MLAGB Surrey Branch



2018 poster 180331 PDF

Attached (here) is the DRAFT Calendar for NRA Events next year.


Cannon 2018

Cannon Competition Entry form 2018