Competition Entry Forms

22 Prone Competition

Musket & Rifle 2020 - Currently all Cancelled due to Covid 19

Pistol 2020

Paper Entry

Pistolfest Entry Form - Cancelled

Pistol National Entry Form - Cancelled

Pistol Black Powder Entry Form - Cancelled

OTF September Entry Form - Cancelled

OTF November Entry Form - TBC

Cannon 2020

Shotgun 2020

With the shotgun section, as with most clay shoots we welcome all commers, so pre-entry forms are not required. For any questions please email Martin Crix . Please see diary for the shotgun section shoots and locations.

Long Range Rifles 2020

Entry forms can be received by post or email, and please adhere to the entry closing dates. Entries received after this date WILL NOT be guaranteed a place; this is the date by which we must confirm with the NRA the number of targets required. Likewise, you will remain liable for entry fees, if making CANCELLATIONS after this date.

Please ensure that you send copies of current MLAGB Membership and Shooters Certification cards with your first entry form.

Note that the MLAGB 200 yard shoot also includes an offhand competition for Enfield rifle. Make sure you bring enough powder and bullets!.

Members are reminded that shooting dates can be cancelled by the NRA without notice.

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