Face Coverings at Wedgnock Ranges

Please read the below if you shoot or intend to shoot at the MLAGB ranges at Wedgnock.

Wearing of face coverings.It has been decided that with immediate effect the wearing of a face covering shall be required under the following circumstances:

1. Upon entering and whilst in the clubhouse.

2. Upon entering the doors to any of the three ranges and whilst inside the ranges, however once at the firing point the face covering may be removed if so desired. When leaving the firing point and until the range building is exited the face covering must be worn.

Initially this measure will not be enforced as it is hoped that all range users will understand that this measure is designed to help protect all range users.

Please remember many of our range users are officially classed as being in the vulnerable age group.Please be aware that as stated though it is not intended to be strictly enforced this decision may be reversed without further notice.


Thank you. Andrew Grimmett (Range Manager)

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