David Frost kindly sent in the below photograph and writes "The attached was taken on Short Siberia in late 1966.  I’m not entirely sure of the date, although the year is certain, but the trees suggest around October."
"I was a member at the time (from 1964) and remained so until marriage in the 70s put paid to such activities.  I only re-joined last year (2014).  I still have the Enfield and other kit you can see on the nearest ground sheet but have shifted to English pistols now.  Even the tin of water pump grease has survived in my box!  Few people wore hearing protection in those days and the overall approach was more relaxed than it is now!"

Many thanks to Vic Nock for the below photograph and Bill Curtis for his prompt email after our appeal for information! Bill writes:

"The photo was taken at Versailles on the 50 metres in 1968. Those shown starting with the nearest is Peter Asquith, Duncan Bedford, Ted Burton and Bill Curtis".

"That was my first of many Entente Cordiale Matches, all later ones were shot at 100 yards at Bisley but at various sites in France at 100 metres. At some date, I forget exactly but it was in the 1970s, I persuaded NRA to have Short Siberia shifted back to 100 metres where it still remains. However, NRA were never able to get their minds around the thought of a Range that was 100 metres and 200 yards so they still call the 100 metres the "100 yards".