19th December - As the year draws to a close, may we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

22nd November - All the renewal letters have now been sent out by the New Membership Management Company, EML Team - many of you will have noticed the change in the membership form style and that they are blank , rather than partially filled in. The reason for this is EML Team would like to check all the data being held to see if it is correct......as a small number of anomalies were found in the data passed over from the previous data management company. Members wishing to ask any questions should either email the usual email address (membership@mlagb.com) or can call the New MLAGB dedicated helpline on 01905 330669.

13th November  - The Final MLAGB OTF Competition of the year will be this weekend at the Wedgnock Ranges on both Saturday and Sunday. Please note that this will be on reduced hours so shooting will be between 10am and 2pm. Members are also reminded that the OTF Raffle will be drawn on Saturday afternoon so there is still time to buy tickets!...if you don't have any please email Allan Whiffin at burnrope@btinternet.com!

11th October - The new Union Jack tie pin badges are now in stock and are available for sale in the shop .... Don't forget that the October OTF shoot at Wedgnock Ranges, Warwickshire is this weekend (13th & 14th).

4th October - After a busy competition month all the scores from Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and Miniature Cannon are available on the website (here). Members are also reminded that the OTF Raffle is coming up, so for those of you who have not bought their tickets please do so...and if you don't have any please email Allan Whiffin at burnrope@btinternet.com!

19th September - Over last weekend the English Pistol Championships and the British Short Range (Rifle and Musket)  Championships were held at the MLAGB ranges in Warwick. The number of entrants was down from last year though the quality of shooting and some of the scores achieved were still world class. The results can be found on the Results Page (here)

5th September - The last month has been a very busy one with the 28th MLAIC World Championships in Austria. Hopefully many of you will have been following us on the MLAGB FaceBook Page... Over the course of the week there were over 4,000 page views of the posts  - with more than 3,000 people looking. Team GB did well coming 4th in the World behind Germany, Austria and France. To put it in prospective there were 25 countries represented with 400 shooters.

23rd July - Over last weekend The 'Black Powder' Competition was held at Wedgnock Ranges in Warwickshire. Competitors braved the heat to shoot some outstanding scores in Rifle, Musket, Pistol and Miniature Cannon competitions..... Meanwhile the shotgun section was not idle and they had the Holt's Muzzle Loading Competition 2018 at Cambridge Gun Club - Results to follow!

5th July - Please note an error in the Shotgun News article in the latest, summer 2018, "Black Powder" magazine. The date of the Holts shoot is theSunday 22nd July 2018as previously advised on the website forum and Holts shoot main poster,NOTthe 29th July as stated in the Shot Gun news. Apologies for this error - must be crossed wires!!

15th June - The Long Range Rifles section have just sent in the results of the last few weeks shooting at Bisley. With some excellent shooting the results can be seen on the Shooting Results page (here) for 600 yard, 900 yard and 1000 yard competitions.

7th June - Please note that the Wedgnock 25 metre C range will be closed on Saturday 30th June to allow the working party to carry out essential maintenance. This has been agreed with Andrew (the Range Officer) and a good number of volunteers have stepped forward to help....though more are of course most welcome!    Last minute changes, if any, due to severe weather warnings etc, will be advised nearer the date.

1st June - May was a very busy month for the association, behind the scenes as well as shooting. With several major competitions and The Phoenix meet at Bisley (The MLAGB had a stand in the Pavilion under the banner of Meet the Clubs) this would have been enough... However with the new GDPR legislation being brought into place The Association needed to ensure that we are fully compliant. Thanks to the hard work over the last few months of a small and select group of volunteers, lead by Jane and Paul, we are of course now in line with legislation. For more information please see the GDPR drop down from 'Info' or click on the following link here.

23rd April - The North of England Muzzle Loading Championship, in Otley Yorkshire, was held on the Saturday 21 April. As is customary on the shoot a raffle was held and we are pleased to announce the tickets for the Northern Shooting Show (on the 12th and 13th May) went delighted raffle winner Geoff Berry a long standing MLAGB member.

The tickets were presented by Adam Roberts, of Yorkshire Powder Burners branch of MLAGB.

The MLAGB have a stand this year at the show, in the indoor display in Artisans & Classics Hall and a Have a Go on clay line.

So if you are there - Come & visit us!

9th April - Product Recall on Lyman rifles.... Lyman Products Corp. (“Lyman”) is voluntarily recalling black powder rifles and pistols due to the potential of separation in the breech plug. Please click on the following link for further information: Lyman Products - Recall

3rd April - The OTF Pistol results are now up and online and can be downloaded from the appropriate page. One for your diaries is the not to be missed Northern Shooting Show on the 12th and 13th May 2018. 

14th March - The 2018 shooting season is upon us and all the updated competition Entry Forms are now online and can be downloaded from the appropriate page.

17th January - We have just uploaded the details for the Long Range Rifles section of the MLAGB on the Competition Entry Forms page. All the entry forms for the year are on one handy download as is the application form to join the section.

20th November - The OTF results for Rifle, Pistol and Cannon are now on the website in the Shooting Results pages.

7th October - The 13th Scottish Pistol Championships 2017 results are now on the website (found here).

27th September - The National Cannon Championships 2017 Confirmed Results are now on the website. There were a record 31 entries spread out over the 5 competitions.

19th September - The English Pistol Championships 2017 Results are also now on the website and the National Cannon Championships Results will follow shortly.

18th September - The National Short Range Rifle Championships 2017 Results have just been published on the website, as well as more detail of scores from the MLAIC European Championships 2017 held in Granada. This is on the Shooting Results page of the website

5th September - The latest National Cannon Championships interim results are now on the website

23rd August - The Black Powder competition results are now on the website

13th August - The Scottish Pistol Championships Entry Form has now been received and added to the Competition Entry Forms page.

24th June - National Pistol Championships Results at Bisley are now available in the shooting results pages here: results page.


This is a quick reminder that the EARLY ENTRY DISCOUNTS for this Meeting close on 25th JUNE.

31st May - In 2019, the MLAGB has been offered the opportunity to host the 12th MLAIC Long Range World Championship in Great Britain and is actively seeking a Match Director for this event.

Please note that a great deal of help will be available to the successful candidate from MLAGB members and members of the MLAGB council of management.  Anyone interested in volunteering for this role should contact Jon Harper Smith, MLAGB Chairman, by email to chairman@mlagb.com, or by post to PO Box 58, Etchingham TN19 7XH

1st May - This months competitions include: Pistolfest, Schutzenfest and Cannon Championships.
The first 2 take place at Wedgnock, Warwickshire on 20th and 21st May while the Cannon Championships and Cannonfest take place on the Sunday 21st May.

Please note however MLAGB Repeating Pistol Championships 6th & 7th Mayhas been cancelled......

21st April - Now Easter is almost a distant memory members are reminded that we have a fairly full diary of events for the summer. Some of you however may have noticed that the website diary has not been populated....The reason for this is the front page and some of the sub pages of the site is just about to be updated and changed a little. This will include a search feature and a number of other things to make the site more user friendly. Any comments or thoughts welcome and please email web@mlagb.com

21st March - The Results for the OTF Rifle and Musket competition are now on the results page. The Pistol results will be available shortly. With 22 entrants for the Musket and Rifle sections and 22 entrants for the Pistol section, the competition prizes were well fought for. Rifles section Mark Hambledon did particularly well with a 97 in the Lamarmora and 97 in the Vetterli - both competitions were shot with a .58 original Remington Zouave military rifle.

17th March - The entry form for the Cannon Championships is now on the competition entry forms page along with all of the rifle, musket and pistol entry forms. Click here to view them Competition Entry Forms Page.

9th March - MLAGB Chairman Jon Harper Smith has written to The Home Office with regard to the ‘Public consultation on firearms licensing fees’. A copy of his letter may be found on the Downloads page.

27 February - The first Northern shooting show was held in May 2016 and it’s safe to say it was a great success! They had over 15,000 visitors attend the show over the weekend with around 200 exhibitors. This year’s show on Sat 6th & Sun 7th May 2017 promises to be bigger & better!

The MLAGB has a stand (obviously!) and it promises to be a great weekend - click the graphic below to learn more:


16th February - All the 2017 Rifle, Pistol and Miniature Cannon competition entry forms are now available online. The forms are in the usual place or click here to go straight to the page.

9th February - Not to be missed tonight chaps (and chapesses!). The lovely Lucy Worsley takes up arms...well at least holds one of Graeme Cole's, of the Surrey Branch of the MLAGB's, Enfield rifles.

9pm on BBC 4

The Jewel in the Crown

British History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley, Series 1 Episode 3 of 3

In the final episode, Lucy debunks the fibs that surround the 'jewel in the crown' of the British Empire - India. Travelling to Kolkata, she investigates how the Raj was created following a British government coup in 1858. After snatching control from the discredited East India Company, the new regime presented itself as a new kind of caring, sharing imperialism with Queen Victoria as its maternal Empress.

Tyranny, greed and exploitation were to be things of the past. From the 'black hole of Calcutta' to the Indian 'mutiny', from East India Company governance to crown rule, and from Queen Victoria to Empress of India, Lucy reveals how this chapter of British history is another carefully edited narrative that's full of fibs.

29th December - As Christmas becomes a distant memory we would like to wish all Members and Friends of the MLAGB and very happy break over the Christmas period and a joyful 2017. The MLAGB has a lot to offer the collector and/or  shooter as can be seen from the Calendar - But please get in touch if you think we have forgotten anything!

19th December - The MLAGB 2017 Calendar is now available on the Downloads page of the website and this will shortly be added to the main website calendar. There looks to be a lot going on in 2017 so many thanks to all who have contributed to putting this together!

22nd November - The pistol results and Phil May's final report are now on the results page. The cannon and rifle results will follow shortly.

9th November - With the final November OTF coming up don't forget to buy your raffle tickets! The raffle will be drawn on Sunday 20th and there are some fantastic prizes including an LAC Enfield Rifle.

18th October - The entry forms for the OTF at Wedgnock in November are now available on the Competition Entry Forms Page.

10th October - The Rifle and Musket OTF Results from the 8th and 9th October are available on the results page and the Pistol results will be available shortly. The Bisley 100 Championships entry form is also online and available from the Competition Entry Forms Page.

14th September- The pistol entry form for the OTF competitions on 8th & 9th October at Wedgnock is now available on the home page under "Competition Entry Forms". The rifle entry form will follow later.

12th September- The pistol results from 3rd and 4th September were uploaded last week and the miniature cannon championships results are also now available at the foot of the home page under "Shooting Results". There is also an entry form for the Scottish MLAGB Black Powder Championships on 24th and 25th September on the home page under "Competition Entry Forms".

4th September - The Rifle and Musket National Short Range Championship Results are available on the results page and the Miniature Cannon and Pistol results will be available shortly.

23rd August - As Team GB return from the Olympics in Rio the MLAGB team return from Hungry...And guess what we came second on the medals table as well! Congratulations to all our competitors and by all accounts it was a well run and highly competitive competition - with quite a few World Records being broken.

14th August - The very best of luck to Team GB who are now just hours away from the beginning of the MLAIC World Championships in Hungry. We are being represented in three disciplines...Shotgun, Rifle/Musket and pistol.

18th July - The Pedersoli Competition was well attended over the weekend at Wedgnock with some excellent scores shot in the Pistol, Miniature Cannon and Rifles competitions. Not to be out done the Shotgun section had their 2016 National Muzzle Loading Clay Pigeon Championships at Yeaveley on the 9th July - again with some excellent shooting. All scores will be published shortly on the Results Page.

13th June - Members are reminded that the MLAGB AGM is on Saturday 25th June at Wedgnock Ranges in Warwickshire. Members wishing to attend must provide proof of membership by bringing their membership cards and presenting them upon request.

31st May 2016- NATIONAL PISTOL CHAMPIONSHIPS 11th & 12th June 2016

It has been pointed out that there are several anomalies on the entry form for the above championships.   This related to the fees for aggregate competitions, which have been free in past years and should have been so marked on this form.

While on the subject of fees it has been decided to eliminate the £1 surcharge for entries on the day’ which penalises shooters who may not be able to commit to a specific day.  It is hoped that this may also encourage more folk to enter “on spec”.

A revised form is now available on the website with amendments as above, but if anyone has already submitted their form and has entered any of the “free” aggregates and paid for them, a refund will be made.  Those who have spotted the mistake and ignored the fee – well done!


This meeting is concurrent with the “Middle Weekend” of the NRA’s “Imperial Meeting” and is alongside their Cup, Medal and “Unlimiteds” matches for Gallery Rifle, Long-Barrel Pistol & Revolver and (a few for) ML Pistols. Their Entry Fees are £8.25 per Match ---  ours are £4 if you are a member of MLAGB, NRA or South London RC and £5 if not.

The matches are designed PARTICULARLY for the Average Club Shooter as wellas the Experts, being more “dynamic” than the MLA “best 10 ex 13 in 30mins” and also available for BASIC (cheap!) revolvers, Target versions and FREE REVOLVER (2 hands allowed) as well as for “Modern Muzzle-Loaders”.

Jim Hallam (Match Director)

ADVANCE NOTICE:-  A similar Open Meeting over “St George’s Day weekend” -- 22nd/23rd April 2017 –

to celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the founding of the South London RC’s “Revolver Section” on 13th April 1886.

4th May 2016 - The Entante Cordiale team head of to France today for the the yearly 100 meter friendly rifle competition - which is always great fun and the French are excellent hosts!

On another note the Schutzenfest Entry Forms are also now available to download in the Competition Entry Forms Section for the shoot on the 21st and 22nd May at Wedgnock.

19th April 2016 - The 2016 North of England Muzzle Loading Clay Championships were kindly hosted by Yorkshire Powder Burners last weekend. The hosts report that they were really rather pleased that there was a record attendance for the shoot - with 50 competitors shooting around 130 cards! Well done everyone who entered, the results have been posted in the usual place!

3rd February 2016  - The Jacques Cup and Enfield Trophy: Due to recent changes made by the NRA, only allowing 100 yard shooting on Short Siberia Range on the first three weekends of the month, we have had to change the 200 yard National Competition to Friday 3rd June.

21st March 2016 - The Rifle and Pistol competition scores are now available click on the shooting match results link at the bottom of the page. The scores were excellent and the cannon competition scores will be posted very shortly.

2nd March 2016- The entry forms for the Cannon Competitions at Wedgnock have now been uploaded to the Competition Entry Forms page.

25th January 2016 - The  entry forms for the Pistol and Rifle OTF competitions in March are now available on the competition entry forms page. Also the Postal Entry form and rules for 2016 are available. Please note that there is no entry form for rifle postal entries as entrants need to contact John Morgan for stickers ~ his address, phone number and email address can be found on the  postal entry form for pistol competitions. John has extended the closing date and will accept late entries into February 2016.

24th January 2016 - With a busy  year ahead there are well over 90 events, activities and competitions the MLAGB has a direct hand in running or organising, as well as many other occasions where our members are involved. The 2016 diary looks to be very full this year so there are no excuses not to get involved whether you are a collector or shooter!

24th December - We would like to wish all members and guests alike a very happy Christmas and New Year! With lots of collecting and shooting to be done in 2016 we hope you have a restful and joyful time over the Christmas period.

26th November - The Rifle and Pistol Results have just been published from last weekends competitions. The competition was well attended though was below freezing on the Saturday with the wind chill!

The 100m range was also re-opened for the first time, though boots are required to bet from the firing point to the targets as the filed is somewhat muddy after the recent work.

18th November - A petition has been started on the 'UK Government and Parliament' website entitled 'Keep all lead ammunition'. We would respectfully ask members and interested parties to have a look at the petition and sign it if they think it is appropriate.

In the last week alone some 8,000 people have signed and an apathetic response may cause problems in the future for our sport. A link to the petition can be found here.

12th November - Members are reminded that during the winter period there is no shooting on the first two Saturday's of every month.

Work continues on the A Range, at Wedgnock (please see the Photographs section for the latest photos) and will hopefully be complete for the final OTF shoot on the 21st and 22nd November.

6th November - The forum is now fully operational with its new web address as well as a forwarding facility from the old address...so no need to change any bookmarked pages.

24th October - This message was relayed by George Tondryk of the Surrey Branch:

It is my very sad duty to inform you all, that Terry Pearce passed away, on Friday morning 23rd October, at about 09:30 hrs.

I was unable to send this email until I returned home, but the Surrey Branch Website was edited to include a notice.

Terry was known to most of you, especially the active shooters who also bought his high quality lead ball - both for practice and for serious competition use. There were always regular jokes about Terry's Lead Balls!

Since my "tenure" as Hon. Pistol Sec., Terry was "enrolled" regularly to help train and mentor Probationary Members, after I found his guidance invaluable, when I first joined.

In more recent years, even after his sight improvement from surgery (he could then dispense with his glasses), Terry turned to shooting miniature cannon as he didn't have to hold these out at "arms length" to shoot.

He was one of the "Good Guys", although naturally shy, he had a kind and helpful nature and will be greatly missed.

I know that we all extend our condolences to his Wife, son Ian, Daughter and grandchildren.

More information will be posted out, as and when I have more news.

George Tondryk.
Surrey Branch Pistol Secretary and "Webmaster".

12th October - The OTF held at Wedgnock over the weekend was very well attended.

In the Rifle Competitions the targets shot were right up there with international scores. Enfield Off Hand was won by Mandan with a superb 97..... Mark Hambledon shot a 99 with his Military Remington Zouave in the Vetterli Competition and Paul Wolpe shot a 92 with his Flintlock Musket in the Miquelet.

The Pistol Competition was also well attended with some great shooting by Nick Harvey, John Harper Smith and Roy Ricketts...The scores will be published for pistols later this week.

... Well done to all who attended!

7th September - THE  ENGLISH SHORT RANGE CHAMPIONSHIPS Rifle results have just been posted on the results page. The numbers shooting were lower than expected but the quality of scores was high, with Jon Harper Smith setting a new National Record. The Pistol results will follow in a few days.

3rd September - SHORT RANGE/ENGLISH PISTOL/CANNON CHAMPIONSHIPS AT WEDGNOCK, WARWICK. Just a reminder that the above 3 events take place this coming weekend on 5th and 6th September 2015. As previously notified the 100m events will now take place at Bisley on 25th October 2015. Entry forms are as usual on the website, halfway down the home page under the "IN MORE DETAIL" section and then click on "Competition Entry Forms". This will provide details of all the classes of entry should members wish to enter on the day.

Finally the results of theXVI MLAIC EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 are available to look at here.

9th August - It is with a very sad heart that I write to inform you that our dear friend Richard Morris has passed away after battling with Motor Neurone Disease for almost 3 years.

Richard was a wonderful person and a true friend to everyone that knew him. His skills as a shotgun shooter were outstanding and he was a force to be reckoned with especially with a flintlock.

He will be greatly missed by all his team mates and fellow shooters, not only in the British team but across the world. Our condolences go out to his wife Judith and sons Ben and Daniel.

We know the funeral will take place on Wednesday 19th August in Stafford but as yet we do not have any more details. Please email Jane for more detail if you would like to attend.

Jane Capewell     DTL Shotgun Secretary

3rd August 2015 -Congratulations to the MLAGB team winning this years Entente Cordiale (by just 2 points), competing against the Arquebusiers de France on 30th  July. With teams of six shooting original muzzle loading military rifles at 100m a great day was had by all!

19th July 2015  - The Hornsey Wood Pigeon Match shotgun results  (shot on the 18 July 2015) have now been posted. Congratulations to Jane Capewell, Barney Kilpatrick and Chris Hobbs for some great shooting!

13th July 2015 - The Rifle Competition results have just been published and we expect to have the Pistol results up by the end of the week. Again many thanks to Zoran at 'Henry Krank' for sponsoring the event.

There were some great cards put in at the weekend on the 50m range (off hand) with Chris Ransom scoring 99 in The Vetterli Competition, Mark Hambledon shooting an amazing 99 with his Remington Zouave in the Military Rifle Competition, Paul Wolpe shot a fine 92 with his Matchlock and Allan Whiffin - a 90 with his Military Smooth-Bore Flintlock Musket.

10th July 2015 - The National Clay Pigeon Championships (held at Yeaveley) results have just been posted on the results page. We are looking forward to the Rifle and Pistol competitions, kindly sponsored by Zoran at 'Henry Krank' tomorrow and Sunday. The weekend is looking to be busy and lots of fun!

3rd July 2015 - The Pedersoli Competition at Wedgnock is just a week away! The MLAGB would like to publically thank Zoran (from Henry Krank) for his generous offer of Sponsor the event and we look forward to a great weekend of shooting and meeting up with friends.

18th June 2015 - All the results for competitions are up to date for the year so far, with the National Pistol Championships results having been posted up today. We managed to take some great photos and video at the weekend so these will be processed and posted up on this website and on the monthly bulletin (as applicable) in due course.

2nd June 2015  - At the AGM that was held on 30th May 2015, the following motion was put to the members as special business: “The Council of Management of the MLAGB shall actively pursue options to lease a suitable premises at Bisley for use by the members as a clubhouse and is authorised to enter into an appropriate commercial arrangement and to increase membership fees as required to fund the lease up to a maximum of £5 per member”.

The members voted by a majority of 78% in favour of the motion and as this exceeded the necessary 75% threshold for special business, the motion was carried.  The council of management will therefore proceed as directed and the membership will be kept informed of progress via Black Powder, through the web site and in the monthly news letter.

28th May 2015  - The 61st-Annual General Meeting will be held at the L&M Club, Bisley on the 30th May 2015. MLAGB Officer’s Reports are available in the Members Area and some copies will be available on the day. For those attending please remember your membership cards.

26th May 2015 - REMINDER -Pack your revolvers when you travel down to Bisley for the AGM this Saturday so that you can shoot in the “Training Sessions” for Surrey Branch’s REPEATING PISTOL Meeting. Contact jim@jimhallam.me.uk to reserve a place for the 0900 or 1100 sessions.

21st May 2015 - Members are reminded that the 2015 AGM will be held at the L&M Club, Bisley at 2pm on the 30th May. The meeting starts at 2pm. Proxy voting forms are available in the Spring Edition of Black Powder Magazine or can be downloaded from 'Downloads' on this website.

20th May 2015 - The Schuetzenfest 2015 and the Pistolfest 2015 results are now on the website. Thank you to the discipline secretaries for getting these so quickly! Some great cards were shot over the weekend proving that competition for medals is high.

18th May 2015 - The Schuetzenfest 2015 results are now on the website and the Pistolfest results to follow shortly....
Thanks to all those who attended and help run the ranges....A little hindered by the closure of the 100m range there were still some cracking scores shot and well done to all competitors across the disciplines.

22nd April 2015 - It is with sadness that we report the death of Micky Lunn. Micky died on Monday 20th of a brain tumour. Micky joined the Association in 1979 with a membership No.636.

He was an active member of the Surrey Branch and had a vast knowledge on all types of muzzle loading firearms.

He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Our condolences go to his family.

The funeral will take place on Monday 27th April at 12.00 noon

At Thatcham near Newbury.

15th April 2015 - Davide Pedersoli & Co have just emailed with regards to a postal competition they are running this month. All details can be found on the following link - click here for details. Don't forget the MLAGBs own Pedersoli sponsored competition (The Pedersoli Challenge)  is on the 11th and 12th July.

11th April 2015 - Further to yesterday's post we can now provide further details of the incidents on the A-range at Wedgnock. Firstly it should be stressed that no-one was injured which is very fortunate. It appears that 2 rounds left the range over a short space of  time which were observed at our neighbour's Adventure Sports. This is believed to be most likely as a result of ricochets from rounds already caught in the sand being struck by rounds being fired and exiting through the top of the butts. The pop over canopy which has already been architect designed and approved will prevent further such instances. Funds are in place for this work and we are awaiting a new contractor having been let down by the first two. Due to the heavy machinery needed for this work the ground conditions need to be suitable. The A-range will therefore remain closed until further notice. The B and C ranges will remain open as they are not affected.

10th April 2015 - Due to a serious incident today at Wedgnock, the 100 metres A-range is closed to all users until further notice. No shooting will be allowed on the A-range until the canopy work is completed and as yet there is no date for this to start. Updates will be available via the mailing list, facebook and this website as they occur.

18th March - MLAGB Honorary Secretary. David Spittles has been our Honorary Secretary for many years.  During his time in office, he has steered us well through some difficult times and remains busy with a number of important projects for the MLAGB - but now feels the time is right to step aside….A more formal letter to members can be found in theMembers AreaunderForms and InformationThe document is entitled Letter to members – Hon Sec Position March 2015 signed.

: 16th March - The  Chairman (Jon Harper Smith) has spent some months updating  MLAGB paperwork. The two documents published today aim to bring the MLAGB rule book up to date....The document entitled 'MLAGB Rules Final Draft Version - March 2015' is presented in this version as a consultation document prior to publication- as such Jon and the committee would welcome any comments or suggestions. The documents can be found in the members area under the heading 'Rules'

: 9th March - An article from The Law Commission published as of todays date entitled 'Firearms - making the law clearer and easier to use'.

: 2nd March - The first MLAGB monthly bulletin was sent out to just under 1000 MLAGB members over the weekend. We can tell from the software that this bulletin was forwarded to several hundred other people, but obviously we don't have their email addresses. If you are a member and didn't get a copy - and would like to receive it, please do get in touch via the following email address: newsletter@mlagb.com

Alternatively a copy of this bulletin can be downloaded in the 'Members Area'.

Many thanks to Mike Weaver for overseeing this project!

February 2015:

An Open Letter and documents from Jim Hallam, Match Director (Surrey Branch) for a “Repeating Pistols” meeting at Bisley on the 12th & 13th September 2015 is now on the Downloads Page. We would urge as may people as possible with an interest to attend!

The first of this years shooting entry forms are now available on the Competition Entry Forms page below.......Any questions please email the discipline secretary. Please note there is an extra OTF on November - details are on the calendar on the front page of the site.

If you would like a one page (quick glance and printable copy)  MLAGB calendar, please check out the copy as it appeared in the last copy of BlackPowder Magazine on the Downloads page.

Advice for firearms certificate holders on protecting their firearms from theft has been published by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the police.

January 2015:

All features of the new website are up and running properly. We are particularly pleased with the online shop which has been used several times this week already. If you have any photos you would like to share on the site please email the webmaster in 'contacts'

January 17th 2015:

This new website was published yesterday afternoon. All  bar one of the features is now working. Hopefully the final work will be completed today - but please note the 'members' area is still not available.... We are working on it!

Any questions or issues please email the webmaster in 'contacts'

December 2014:

BSSC Press Release  On the 27th November 2014 the Home Office announced plans to increase the cost of firearms licensing fees. A consultations will run from 27th November until 29th December and is available on the government website.

November 2014:

- Firearm Security,  the police who are seeking to ensure that firearm security is maintained at an appropriate level

- Rifle Competition at Wedgnock in aid of the Overseas Team Fund: 15/16 November

The next Council of Management meeting will be held at Bisley at 11am on Saturday 8 November.

September 2014

- Short Range Championships, 6/7 September, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

- English Pistol Championships, 6/7 September, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

August 2014

- National 900 & 1000 yard Rifle Championships, 30 August, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

- Overseas Team Fundraising Match, 9/10 August, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

- National 600 yard Rifle Championships, 3 August, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

July 2014

- Pedersoli Challenge, 19/20 July, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

June 2014

- National 500 yard Rifle Championships, 8 June, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

May 2014

- Pistolfest, 17/18 May, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

June 2014

National Pistol Championships, Entry forms available

- National 200 and 300 yard Rifle Championships, Results now on the Shooting Results Page

April 2014

- Overseas Team Fundraiser shoot at Wedgnock on 12/13 April. Results for Musket & Rifle and Pistol now available.

- Entry Forms for Mid & Long Range Rifle matches at Bisley for 2014 are now available.

- Overseas Team Fundraiser shoot at Wedgnock on 12/13 April. Entry Forms for Pistol, Musket & Rifle now available.

- Entry Forms for short range Musket & Rifle competitions for 2014 now available.

- The next MLAGB Council of Management meeting will take place at Wedgnock on 5 April 2014

- NOTICE is hereby given of the 60th Annual General Meeting of the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain, a company limited by guarantee. The Meeting will be held at the Association's Range at Wedgnock on Saturday the 17th May 2014 at 3.00 pm. All members are invited to attend and to exercise their voting rights in directing the policies of the Association.

February 2014

- Bisley Club House -News Update, 26 February 2014

- Wedgnock Range A (100m). 'A Range' will reopen on 1 March 2014 for black powder muzzle loading and black powder cartridge rifle shooting, plus .22. Some remedial works remain outstanding and will require a later temporary closure of the range for completion. Notice will be given of the programmed closure and anticipated duration in due course.

- British Shooting Show, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire: Friday 14th to Sunday 16th February. Show layout available to down load.http://shootingshow.co.uk

January 2014

- Member David Monk passed away on Wednesday 22 January 2014. His funeral will take place at 11:30am on Wednesday 5 February at Robin Hood Cemetery and Crematorium, Streetsbrook Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 3NL

- The handgun ban, and Nigel Farage’s comments

- Wedgnock Range A (100m). It is regretted but A range has been closed to carry out important improvements. It will be re-opened as soon as possible.

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