Why Join the MLAGB?

Membership of the National governing body regulating Black Powder Shooting directly supports the future of shooting in the UK. The MLAGB is committed to the promotion of collecting and shooting

There are plenty of reasons why you should join the Association- but here are just eleven :


The Insurance – (link to document download page). The MLAGB have first rate cover and have negotiated an excellent rate with our brokers. This covers target shooting as well as game shooting.

Assistance – The MLAGB have a wide variety of members who have a vast amount of knowledge. Usually they are more than happy to help fellow members either via the MLAGB online Forum or in person. They can further your knowledge or help you solve interesting rifle related puzzles.

Promote awareness – The MLAGB is the UK governing body for Black Powder Shooting. By being a member you will have direct access to the latest decisions and paperwork governing Sport and Collecting alike.

Black Powder Magazine – Our quarterly magazine is a great read and a lot of effort is put into the magazine to create interesting and useful articles and to help members stay in touch and even sell on equipment.

Monthly Bulletins – As a member you will receive an email bulletin keeping you up to date with all the latest information.

Stand for MLAGB Council of Management Elections – As with all clubs and associations we rely on members volunteering for roles on the Association Council of Management. If you want to have a say on how your sport is run just put yourself forward and who knows where it will end! This will help give back your time and energy to a sport you love.

Competitions – Joining the MLAGB enables you to take part in UK based shooting competitions, whether that be Rifle, Musket, Pistol, Shotgun or Miniature Cannon!...If you so wish you can then be selected to join the international GB team and shoot against some of the best shots in Europe and the World!

Home Office Approved (HOA) Club – Anyone Wishing to hold a Firearms Certificate (FAC) - for target shooting must be a Full Member of a Home Office Approved (HOA) Club. The MLAGB is a HOA Club in its own right and members can use this as their Primary club when applying for an FAC.

Use of the MLAGB’s shooting ranges – a full complex at Wedgnock Ranges in Warwickshire. With 25m, 50m and 100m firing point, covered, ranges (link to details). With a member’s season ticket you can shoot all year round except bank holidays and Good Friday.

Meet new friends with a mutual interest – With a wide range of members interested in a vast number of shooting and collecting areas the MLAGB should be a natural choice.

Membership Fee – The very active MLAGB Council of Management is working hard to keep its membership to a reasonable level…Which means we are far cheaper to join than many other shooting organisations, but still with all of the benefits!


A question frequently asked by shooters is what value do I get from belonging to any of the major organisations when I only shoot locally and do not participate in National Competitions.

The value of membership of any of the National Bodies surmounts any actual financial gain or loss. The major organisations are involved at all times monitoring future legislation, lobbying parliament, campaigning endlessly on your behalf so that you may retain your sport. Perusal of the regularly published BSSC news in Black Powder Magazine will give further insight into the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

How much is your sport worth? The cost of maintaining vigilance on our political masters intentions is high, many thousands of pounds a year, only by collectively contributing by membership can you ensure that the most effective fight on your behalf will be made to retain your sport.

Can your local Club do this? Please give this matter some thought and join at least one of the National Shooting Organisations, preferably the MLAGB!


The Cost?

Full / Probationary

  • Applicants between 21 and 65 years


Junior Membership

  • Applicants under 21 years


Family (Shooting)*

  • For applicants where a family member is an existing full member of the MLAGB (see note below)


Family (Social)

  • For applicants where a family member is an existing full member of the MLAGB


Senior Member

  • For Applicants over 65 years of age


Affiliated Club £60

Please note: There is a £20 one off joining fee applicable from 1st January 2019.

*One member of the family must be a full member at £60 and if any other members of the family shoot they can be a Family (Shooting) member at £49. The Family (Shooting)  member can be a husband, spouse , son or a daughter.


How Do I Join?

Print off the required form below and send it off!

Membership Application Form - Updated December 2018

2016 Affiliated Club Membership Form