MLAGB Pistol Competitions

General PISTOL Competitions

All Competitions at 25m, 13 shots - 10 to count

1.Original Single Shot Pistol25m
2.Repro Single Shot Pistol (in the spirit of the original)25m
3.Original Flintlock Pistol25m
4.Repro Flintlock Pistol (in the spirit of the original)25m
5.Original Revolver25m
6.Repro Revolver (in the spirit of the original)25m
7.Matchlock Pistol25m
8.Free Single Shot Pistol25m
9.Free Revolver (Ruger Old Army’s allowed)25m
10.“The 150” This is a re-entry competition and is open to everyone and comprises of 15 shots, all to count, in 30 mins. (Revolver orSingle shot pistol)25m
11.Free Single Shot Pistol25m
12.Free Revolver (Ruger Old Army’s allowed)25m
13.Donald Malson: Specify Original/Repro25m

Members of the National Squad are not allowed in competitions 11 and 12


All Competitions at 25m, 13 shots - 10 to count

John Munt Trophy1Pistol or Revolver in spirit of originalO
Kuchenreuter2Original SS pistolsO
Kuchenreuter3Repro SS pistolsR
Cominazzo ‘O’4Original flintlocksO
Cominazzo ‘R’5Repro pistolsR
Colt6Original revolversO
Mariette7Repro revolversR
Free Pistol8Any S.S. pistol or RevolverO and R
Matchlock Pistol9Original or ReproO and R
English Revolvers10Only English revolversO and R
Donald Malson11OriginalsO
Donald Malson12ReproductionR
Percussion Duelling13OriginalsO
Flintlock Duelling14OriginalsO


Schutzen Target – This competition is run at the SCHUTZENFEST Competition usually held in May. This is a one shot competition where the shooter must hit the target (usually a painting of some description) near a pre designated spot – not necessarily in the centre.

National Pistol Championships

All Competitions at 25m, 13 shots - 10 to count

J Phillips Trophy1SPIRIT OF THE ORIGINAL FOR NOVICE-       excludes winners from National’s, Pistol Fest, Pedersoli & English ChampO
Mole Benn Flask22 targets, 20 minutes each, 10 each all to count (Original Pistols only)O
Crimea Cup3English D/A Revolvers, 10 all to countO
Jim Greathead Cup4Free Flint 10 all to count
Remington Cup5Repro RevolversR
Original Pistol Cup6Specify Single Shot or RevolverO
Howard Markham Flask7Original Smooth Bore FlintO
Free Pistol Trophy8Single shot or Revolver
Single Shot Free Pistol Cup9Single Shot Free Pistol
Double Revolver Cup102 targets both 10/13, 1-Original, 1-ReplicaO and R
Kelly Trophy11Repro Smooth Bore FlintlockR
Jim Alcock Trophy12Matchlock Pistol
Adams Trophy13Original revolversO
Lincoln Cup143 Man Branch Teams-       Cards from competitions 1, 5, 6, 7, or 10 nominated before shooting
Ladies Medal15Best of any from competitions 1, 5, 6, 7, 8
Triple Trophy16Agg. From competitions 5, 7 & 9
Otto Halfmann Trophy17Agg. From Competitions 6 & 7
Couples Trophy18Best male Rev score and best female S.S. score

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