General Competitions

50m Competitions

Miquelet Off Hand flintlock musket standing 50m
Tanegashima Off Hand smooth-bore matchlock musket standing 50m
Hizadai Off Hand smooth-bore matchlock 50m
Vetterli Off Hand free or Military percussion musket or rifle 50m
Pennsylvania Off Hand flintlock rifle standing 50m
Lamarmora Off Hand military rifle standing 50m

100m Competitions

Whitworth Prone percussion rifle 100m
Minie Prone percussion rifle 100m
Maximilian Prone flintlock rifle 100m
Walkyrie  (ladies only) Prone percussion rifle free or military 100m
BL/BP Free Rifle Prone breech loading black powder target 100m
BL/BP Military Rifle Prone Military breech loading black powder rifle 100m



Schutzen Target – This competition is run at the SCHUTZENFEST Competition usually held in May. This is a one shot competition where the shooter must hit the target (usually a painting of some description) near a pre designated spot – not necessarily in the centre.