MLAGB Shotgun Competitions


The MLAGB National Clay Pigeon Shooting competitions are set up, so far as is practicable, to be evenly distributed throughout the country. Dates for these competitions will be published in the Associations magazine, "Black Powder," and posted on the Association's website.

There are four National Sporting shoots:-
Spring National – Held in the North of England.
National Clay Pigeon Championships – Held in the Midlands.
Autumn National – Held in the South -West of England.
Scottish Muzzle Loading Clay Pigeon Championships - Leuchars, Fife.

DTL Championships:- Held in the Midlands.
Hornsey Wood Pigeon Match (Helice) - Held at Rugby & District Trap Club, Warwick.
National Skeet Championships:- Held in East Anglia.

Spring National:-

1) The Pennine Double Barrel – 30 targets (pairs).
2) The Presidents Cup – 20 targets (singles).
3) The Small Bore Challenge Trophy – 20 targets (singles).
4) The Big Bore Bowl - 20 targets (singles).
5) The Berni Inns Trophy (flintlock) - 20 targets (singles).
6) The Ladies Cup – (Highest score from Presidents Cup).
7) The Airedale Hammer Gun – 20 targets (singles) – Re-entry.
8) The Pape Hammer Gun – 30 targets (pairs) – Re-entry.

National Clay Pigeon Championships:-

9) The Double Barrel Trophy – 30 targets (pairs).
10) The Thames Valley Trophy – 20 targets (singles).
11) The Warwickshire Shield – 20 targets (single barrel guns only).
12) The Baker Flintlock - 20 targets (singles).
13) The Ladies Medal – (Highest score from Thames Valley Trophy).
14) The Richards Hammer Gun - 20 targets (singles) – Re-entry.
15) The Greener Hammer Gun – 30 targets (pairs) – Re-entry.

Autumn National:-

16) The Cotswold Shield – 30 targets (pairs).
17) The Tankard – 20 targets (singles).
18) The Nock Trophy (flintlock) - 20 targets (singles).
19) The Blue Rock Live Pigeon – 20 targets DTL (singles) – Re-entry.
20) The Roy Burford Shield (small bore) – 20 targets ( singles)
21) The Ladies Trophy – (Highest score from Tankard).
22) The Team Trophy – (Nominated Teams of 3, scores from Tankard).
23) The Ted Burton Big Bore Shield – 20 targets (singles).
24) The Hammer Gun Cup - 30 targets (pairs) –Re-entry

Scottish Muzzle Loading Clay Pigeon Championships:-

The Tayside - 20 targets (singles)
The Leuchars Double Barrel - 30 targets (pairs)
The Craigie Hammer Gun - 20 targets (singles)
The Rhynd Hammer Gun - 30 targets (pairs)

DTL Nationals:-

25) DTL Percussion National Championship –50 birds, single shot only.
26) DTL Flintlock National Championship –50 birds, single shot only.
27) DTL Aggregate Cup (scores taken from 25 and 26).

Hornsey Wood Pigeon Match (Helice), any ML gun - 20 single helice targets.

Annual High Gun Awards:-

28) Annual High Gun Percussion (scores taken from 2,10,17,25 and 32).
29) Annual High Gun Flintlock (scores taken from 5,12,18,26 and 33).
30) Annual High Gun Hammer ( scores taken from 8,15,24 and 35).

The Annual High Gun Award winners in each class will be the person scoring most points in a season. Points will be scored as follows:-
6 points for 1st place, 5 for 2nd, etc., down to 1 for 6th place. Any shoot-offs will take place at the end of the last qualifying event.

The above muzzle loading competitions may only be shot for once a year and re-entry is not permitted. Breech loading hammer shotgun competitions may be re-entry. The allocation, of these competitions, is controlled by the MLAGB Shotgun Secretary.

The below listed competitions can be either re-entry, non re-entry or open shoots at the discretion of the shoot organiser. Any branch secretary must notify the MLAGB Shotgun Secretary if they wish to host any of the following competitions.

31) Skeet – National Championships “Double Barrel”. Any muzzle loading double barrel shotgun, 25 targets (singles and pairs).
32) Skeet – National Championships “Single Barrel”. Any muzzle loading shotgun, 15 targets (singles).
33) Skeet – National Championships “Flintlock”. Any muzzle loading flintlock shotgun, 15 targets (singles).
34) Skeet - National Championships “Ladies Challenge”. Any muzzle loading shotgun, 15 targets (singles).
35) Skeet – National Championships “Hammer Gun” Any breech loading double barrel hammer shotgun 25 targets (singles and pairs).

36) Inter-Branch Challenge Trophy – to be hosted, where possible, by the defending branch, over a course of sporting clay pigeons as decided by the hosting branch. Teams should consist of 5 shooters or any other number mutually agreed by the competing branches. All challenges to the defending branch are to be made through the Shotgun Secretary.

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