Pistol shooting offers opportunity to use such esoteric firearms as Japanese matchlocks, through to fine flintlock and percussion duelling pistols, or revolvers of the American west, and is a deservedly popular discipline. Whilst original pistols will be seen on the ranges, there are a wide variety of reproductions made today that cater for many interests.

The Association’s Wedgnock Ranges, Warwick, are open throughout the year, allowing practice at 25m.

The MLAGB’s programme of competitions spans March to November and offer opportunity to shoot both modern reproduction and original firearms. Events are held at Wedgnock, during which extended range opening hours are generally available. Recent years have seen a growing interest in ‘Repeating Pistol’ competition, offering more dynamic events than precision courses of fire. Surrey Branch have been active in promoting these events at Bisley. The current programme of events is available via the diary page.

The Pistol secretary is David Spittles.

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