Range Opening Rules

After what seems an eternity but is actually only 2 months, the decision has been made to reopen Wedgnock on 23rd May. This is in line with Bisley, Adventure Sports and no doubt other ranges following the go ahead from the Government. The entrance gates will remain locked until 23rd May with the new padlock and new combination. After this the old padlock will be used with the same combination used before and known to season ticket holders.

The procedures which Andrew Grimmett has agreed in consultation with WRPC and the MLAGB are going to be very different for the foreseeable future so please ensure you read the following carefully.  Please also note if you are feeling unwell or have a temperature (or any other Covid19 symptoms) PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE RANGE!

  • Signing in at weekends will be in the club house with only one person allowed in at a time. There will be a strict policy of one member out then one member in.
  • There will be a one way system in the club house with entry at the front door and exit via the rear doors.
  • Hand sanitiser will be placed by the signing in register.
  • Please bring your own pen to sign in and make sure it works beforehand.
  • By all means wear gloves and a mask if you feel safer doing so and bring your own hand sanitizer if you wish.
  • Ensure that you have all your firearms details to hand preferably written down on a piece of paper to reduce the signing in time. You won't be very popular if you take more time than is necessary to sign in. Don't forget to write down your season ticket number. Also see the note from the Range Manager about renewing season tickets below. ***
  • Observe the 2 metre distancing when queuing as indicated.
  • During the week sign in as usual on the register in the cupboard on the outside of the club house.
  • The range doors will be propped open so you don't have to touch the handles.
  •  On the B and C ranges every other shooting bay will be marked as no shooting bays so that everyone can keep a safe distance away from each other. This will reduce the capacity by 50% to around 12 bays on the B range and approximately 23 on the C range excluding the air only range. The A range will have markers on the floor of every other bay to indicate no shooting points. This should allow 11 firing points.
  • Do not gather in groups and always observe the 2 metre distancing.
  • The Range Manager is doing everything possible to ensure everyone's safety but if you feel he has missed something please bring it to his attention so that he can advise you. Remember this is all new to everyone.
  • If you need to see the Range Manager you can do so in his office where there will be a screen installed as an additional safety measure.
  • Do not use each others firearms, ammunition or have any contact with each other to minimise the risks.
  • No refreshments will be available in the club house until further notice so best bring your own.
  • Shooters record sheets should still be completed but ask a member if you can use their name and print it instead of asking them for a signature.
  • The MLAGB has notified the insurers that the range is reopening on 23rd May.


The range is closed on 25th May as is usual on bank holiday Mondays.


Andrew Grimmett the Range Manager has written this reminder:

  1. All shooters will need to renew their Season Tickets BEFORE shooting otherwise a Range Fee will be payable.
  2. Without a Season Ticket you CANNOT shoot during the week.
  3. Those who have not yet renewed their season ticket MUST do so by visiting the Range during a weekend this will enable an exact pro-rata rate to be calculated.
  4. Please remember only cash or cheque payments can be accepted, no card payments.
  5. During these difficult times please remember to carry  your season ticket with you and have it handy to produce if asked by the Range Manager or anyone authorised by the Range Manager to check season tickets, this is a requirement.

Any questions or queries should be directed to Andrew who is available weekdays on his home number 01869 232559 or his email andrewgrimmett@btinternet.com

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