Wedgnock Ranges and Competitions – All Cancelled!

Dear Members,

Reference Wedgnock Ranges and Competitions
As a result of the daily escalating number of Covid19 Cases it has been decided by the committee that all the MLAGB Major shoots planned for September, October and November at Wedgnock Ranges are now cancelled.

For the time being we will carry on shooting at the range as normal - but with renewed vigilance. The wearing of face coverings is now mandatory for all except for those with a medical reason which prevents the wearing of them.

We have been told to expect a bumpy ride for the next few months and it is down to all to play their part.

Wedgnock Ranges will be here next year and we must all try to ensure that we will be also. The Range Manager will be expecting to see compliance with the measures in place and will take appropriate action should there be any persistent transgressors.

And Finally, please note that the Wedgnock Range office phone is now completely out of use due to the telephone cables, leading to the range, stretching. Despite attempts to get it fixed this has not happened so the Range Manager will in future be contactable on the Weekends by mobile phone. This is in hand and his new number will be published as soon as we know it.

By working together we can keep we can all help to keep everyone safe.

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Best Regards, MLAGB Committee

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