Rifle and musket shooting are popular disciplines within the MLAGB, encompassing a wide variety of firearms that appeal to sporting interest, the military enthusiast or the keen target shooter. Matchlock, flintlock and percussion muzzle loaders plus early black powder breech loaders will be seen on the ranges, including Japanese matchlocks, Brown Bess muskets, Enfield and Whitworth rifles and from time to time Snider and Martini-Henry rifles.

The Association’s Wedgnock Ranges, Warwick,  are open throughout the year, allowing practice at 50m and 100m. Additionally, and at 100m, there are monthly practice sessions held at Bisley, Surrey – these popular meetings need pre-booking and details can be found via the diary page.

The MLAGB’s programme of competitions spans March to November and offer opportunity to shoot both modern reproduction and original firearms. Short range events (50m and 100m) are held at Wedgnock, during which extended range opening hours are generally available. The Association also holds a series of mid and long range National Rifle Championship matches at Bisley. At mid-range (200 yards to 600 yards) there are competitions for percussion Enfield rifles and target rifles. At long range (900 yards and 1000 yards) these are limited to target rifles. The current programme of events is available via the diary page.

The Rifle and Musket secretary is Helen Harper Smith with the Rifle (Mid and Long Range) Secretary being Jerry Womble.

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